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GPN - Sports Bottle Multiple Colours


Our sports bottle is perfect for all athletes, gym goers and more! The GPN bottle is sleek and stylish. Take your pick between 3 amazing colours. Black/white, white/black & red/white. Compact in size...

GPN Gift Voucher


Struggling for a gift idea?  Why not buy your loved one a gift voucher… We have so many great products it can be hard to pick what’s best for them, A gift voucher...

GPN - Liquid Chalk 50ml


If your looking to improve your grip then GPN Liquid Chalk is perfect for you. Improve grip strength Helps to minimise palm sweating Can help you get that extra rep Comes in 50ml...

Efectiv Whey - Multiple Flavours!

(1 customer review)


EFECTIV Whey has arguably go to be the best tasting protein on the market, some ridiculous flavours to choose from! Lean Muscle Growth Mixes 10/10 21 grams of protein per serving Gluten Free...

Applied Nutrition - Clear Whey Protein Multiple Flavours

(1 customer review)


Clear Whey Protein is ideal for anyone that prefers a juice style protein drink. Amazing choice of flavours to choose from.. KEY BENEFITS 21g of protein with 5g BCAAs 33 servings Only 1g...

Mars Salted Caramel


Mars have smashed it! You’ll love this new Protein Bar! They have hit the nutritional profile perfectly for a protein snack but still managed to bring that amazing texture and taste they’re known...



Bounty Protein Bars have brought that great coconut taste whilst hitting 18g of protein! This two piece 52g protein bar is an ideal high protein snack, Grab a bar and see for yourself…...

M&Ms Crispy


The M&Ms Crispy Protein Bar contains 15g of protein, It’s finally here! M&Ms have brought their A game… Made with real mini M&Ms. Grab a bar  now….

M&M's Peanut


The M&Ms Peanut Protein Bar contains 15g of protein, Real M&Ms real peanuts and macro friendly, whats not to like! Grab a bar now….

Snickers - Original


The Snickers Protein Bar contains 22g of protein. Snickers are here to stay! You’ll love this new Protein Bar! They have kept the nutritional profile that popular protein bars have but keeping their...

Snickers - White Chocolate


The Snickers Protein Bar contains 20g of protein. White Snickers are here to stay! you’ll love this new Protein Bar! They have kept the nutritional profile that popular protein bars have but keeping...

Grenade - Oreo


Twist up your snacking game with Grenade OREO Protein Bar! Whether you’re twisting, lifting, or dunking your way through, this iconic tasting protein bar, will make sure you’ve got more in your tank... Packed with...

Grenade - White Oreo


You asked. Grenade listened. The NEW Grenade OREO White Protein Bar – where discipline meets indulgence. Arm yourself with over 20g of muscle-fueling protein, and less than 2g of sugar, all while charging...

CPN - Creatine Monohydrate


Creatine Monohydrate is one of the world’s most researched and trusted supplements. Creatine Monohydrate is a must have. Can help improve strength, power & size. Highly researched supplement! One of the worlds most...

CPN - Glutamine


Amino acids such as L-Glutamine are the building blocks of protein. Supplementing the body’s production of glutamine may help replenish stores after intense exercise. 100% Pure Proteinogenic Amino Acid Easy Mixing, pure free...

CPN - Multi Vit


CNP MULTI VIT includes the 24 essential vitamins each provided at 100% of their recommended daily allowance (RDA), making it an effectively dosed, full spectrum supplement. In addition to these, it has been...
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